About Saar

Find a Hōme Within was born through my own journey of navigating depression and anxiety, an eating disorder, body image issues, burnout and finding my way back to the essence of all that I am.

This journey started in my early teens, and brought me to several continents around the world to seek – and find – answers and tools to support self-healing, as well as inspiration and passion to share these tools and solutions to awaken this process in others. Embodiment and Mindfulness have played a big role in my recovery, and continue to be vital parts in navigating the busyness that comes with living in Western Society.

I am trained as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Yin Fascial + Restorative Yoga Teacher, doTERRA Essential Oil Educator, Intuitive Living Coach, and Reiki and AromaTouch Technique Practitioner. My global studies inform and shape my offers and teachings, as does being a keen student of life. I am currently further developing myself in the areas of Energy Medicine, Bodywork, and Yoga for Body Image Issues and Eating Disorders.

Classes + Philosophy

In my classes I actively work to create a Safe Space to land, clearly explaining your options (a 90-minute Savasana is always an option!) and supporting you in advocating for your needs – trusting that this practice will translate to you being able to feel and voice more clearly what you desire in your daily life, off the mat. I am intrigued by stored emotion in our system, and often bring in props to support (self-)myofascial release. During Workshops and Private sessions we can dive a lot deeper into this work, and I am thankful to be finding a Home at Wake-Up Yoga to explore this with you.

Yoga is about Oneness and Connection, yet so often we rush in and out of the door when showing up for our practice. In my classes I invite you to slow down and connect with your fellow practitioners, as we gather in Community. We don’t need to do this thing called ‘life’ by ourselves, nor can we. We are social beings after all, here to honour and reflect each other’s light (and darkness). It’s like Ram Dass so beautifully said: “We are all just walking each other home”

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