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Here is a Good Place to Start

And I don’t just mean this page. I mean this very moment.

It’s a great one to assess where you’re at, tune in to how you’re feeling, and notice if you’d like for things to be different than they are. No judgment, just a healthy dose of curiosity. We’re ever-changing, ever-evolving hue-mans, so as much as it is important to accept the cards we’ve been dealt, our journey equally involves continuing to participate in the game.

When is the last time you played?


About Find A Hōme Within

You are a driven soul-seeker, walking along a path of your choosing towards a life that is a powerful mosaic of all the pieces that you’ve allowed to come alive within yourself.

This is a safe space, providing a gentle invitation, to put down your backpack and take a comfortable seat, so that you’re able to take a look at what you’ve crafted. To take ownership of all the pieces gathered, all the parts played, to gift on your valuable lessons, to let go of what’s no longer aligned with your Big Picture, and to sit quietly in contemplation as the voice of your inner being steers you towards new adventures, different colours, techniques and experiences.

I invite you to allow me to journey alongside of you, as you empower yourself in finding a Home Within. A space of ease. Where you can be, comfortably, and rest. Tie together the loose ends, rejuvenate, and move ahead with joyous effort towards the life you’re proud of living.

It’s natural that we grip, and ungrip. Control, desire, fear, and love. We move through seasons, of moving deeper within, and without. The Home Within, and the hiding away from it.

Figuring out how to sit through the storms that life blows by us, to connect to what your unique truth holds, is no easy task. It can be overwhelming, confusing and depressing at times. It also shapes us, makes us strong.

Your well is filled with powerful inner resources, fierceness and graceful strength. Are you ready to tap into it, to bring your whole Self to the table? Beautiful!

I offer a multitude of ways to explore connection to self and community, with presence and compassion. I suggest you explore the linkies below, to start our chapter together!


Founder of Find A Hōme Within

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