Aroma Touch

The AromaTouch Technique® is a very gentle application of Therapeutic Grade essential oils and oil blends, that focuses on bringing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system back to its natural balance through a focus on energy lines and reflexology points.

8 different oils, diluted with a carrier oil, are applied from the crown of your head, along your spine and back, and to the soles of your feet. The entire body can relax throughout receiving this treatment, supporting and stimulating your self-healing abilities.

AromaTouch® session is suggested in cases of: pain/inflammation, tension/stress, reduced immunity and fatigue, among other symptoms of discomfort.


About Your Session

A session takes around 60 minutes, of which 45-50 minutes involve the oil application, with time before and after the session to discuss your individual needs, support you in getting comfortable, and grounding back into your day afterwards.

During the session you will lay on your belly on the massage table as I apply oils to help you manage stress, support your immune system and a healthy inflammatory response, and aid your body to return back to balance.

Benefits of Your Session

Most of us experience more stress and tension than our body and mind can deal with and digest. This may cause discomfort in our body, difficulty sleeping and focusing, and mood fluctuations. By starting out with relaxation of the body, you will be able to optimally benefit from the treatment and the oils I am applying.
Stress Reduction
Our natural defence mechanism focuses on protecting us against seasonal and environmental threats. Both oils used during this step have cleansing properties which support a return to homeostasis and a proper immunological response
Immune Support
A lot of us operate from a figh-flight-or freeze (or fawn) response. This helps us to be super alert and able to think and respond quickly. When we find ourselves in this situation for too long, it can cause havoc on our bodily systems – resulting in a host of health concerns. This is why we always end by supporting the body and mind to find it’s natural balance
Did you know that recurring inflammation can cause chronic ailments? The oils used during this phase support your body in the reduction of pain and inflammation
A Healthy Inflammatory Response

What Oils do we Use + Why?

Balance: this grounding blend of oils is calming, and creates a sense of well-being. Starting the AromaTouch Technique® with this oils creates an initial bond between the giver and receiver. Lavender: this oil is soothing, relaxing, and healing for the skin, it can reduce anxious feelings and offer support when dealing with seasonal threats.
Stress Reduction
Melaleuca: this oil, also known as ‘tea tree’, is a strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic oil, an essential part of the treatment due to its cleansing effects. It’s also known as the oil of Energetic Boundaries, offering a moment to check in what is and isn’t ours to hold on to.

On Guard: this oil blend of 5 oils has been created to protect and support the immune system, it is very fragrant and has effective cleansing properties, making it a perfect addition to the treatment.

Immune Support
Aroma Touch: this blend of 4 oils, also known as the Massage Blend, softens the skin and improves circulation.

Deep Blue: this Soothing Blend of oils offers relaxation and soothing for painful muscles and joints and supports a healthy inflammatory response. It has an immediate tingling and warming effect.

Inflammatory Response
Wild Orange: this ‘sunshine-in-a-bottle’ oil supports the immune system, helps to boost your mood and energizes and revitalizes you at the end of the treatment.

Peppermint: this oil is invigorating, refreshing and cooling to the body. It supports the digestive system, relaxes the skin, and boosts energy as the treatment comes to a close.

Homeostasis (nervous system balance)


The massage/treatment will take about 45-50 minutes. You might feel a bit ‘floaty’ upon completion. It is suggested to slowly come back up to a seated position first, as you’ve deeply relaxed. Coming off the table too quickly may result in feelings of dizziness. I will remind you of this and guide you through this!

After Your Session

After the treatment it’s suggested to drink a large glass of water, to hydrate the body and support the system in flushing out any toxins that are being released. It’s recommended to take some time for yourself after the session, to integrate and unwind. Take at least 30 minutes to rest, don’t go straight into physical or mental activities.

Later in the day, or after your half hour resting period, you can take a short 15-30 minute walk – nothing too strenuous, just enough to get your muscles warm and moving. This supports a clear mind, helps support your hormones and the release of toxins and metabolites in the system.

Frequency of Sessions

Depending on your individual situation and symptoms, you can book your next session after a week.

Most people prefer a monthly session, as maintenance and to support their self-care.

In case you’re dealing with pain or other symptoms again within 1-2 weeks, feel free to schedule in another session.

Location + Booking

Sessions take place at Flolab at Koediefstraat 5 (google maps) in The Hague. Flolab is a wellness-first shared office space with a lovely healing room where I offer my sessions. You can ring the bell downstairs and I will come find you at the entrance.

Spots are available on:

  • Saturday morning/early afternoon
  • Sunday mid-morning through late afternoon
  • Wednesday Evening
  • By individual appointment
  • have a look at the calendar for availability or message me to request a time and date that works for you.

Your Investment

A single session of 60 minutes costs €70.

Click here to book your session or use the tool below, you’ll be able to pay for your sessions at the end of the booking process.

Cancellation Policy + Fees

Cancellation Policy and Fees

Your session times are reserved exclusively for you. I really value your business and ask that you respect my scheduling policies.

Should you need to reschedule, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance and I’d be happy to find a new time that works for us both.

A Whatsapp message is best!

Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice or missed appointments without giving any prior notification will be charged in full for the scheduled session and thus can’t be rebooked at no cost. Much like when you make an appointment with your dentist, you’ll receive a bill whether you show up or not.

I recognize both your time as well as my time is valuable – which is why this policy is in effect.

When an appointment is missed, another client who could have benefitted from that slot misses out on their option to relax and restore.

Outside of that, I will also have travelled to the location, booked and prepared the Healing Room and my energetic state for you, which obliges me to charge your session in full when you can’t make it.

→ As case numbers are high in the Netherlands right now and you may get in touch with someone who’s received a positive test, causing you to self-isolate and cancelling your appointment, I will adapt the cancellation policy and meet you halfway when you need to self-isolate. Instead of losing your session, you will pay 50% of the session when re-booking.

Book Your First Session Now

Can’t find a day/time that works with your schedule? Feel free to reach out – pending my availability and the availability of the space, there’s always options!