Bring it to the mat.

Bring. All of it.

Meet. All of you.

Anew, in each moment.

your 8 week Summer Retreat bubble - live in the studio.

As the world slowly opens back up, you may face all sorts of sensations and emotions: excitement, grief, curiosity, hope, overwhelm… (I know I do and have!)

There is no need to rush back into anything you are not ready for. You get to pick your pace, when it comes to socializing and navigating inside & beyond your own bubble.

This 8 week series will be a healing Bubble of our own – a gentle space to unwind, untangle, connect and co-regulate in a small group of kind and intentional spirits.

Will I challenge you at times? Yes. Will it remind you of your own resilience and agency? Yes. Will this offer be created specifically for you and the needs of the group? Big ol’ YES! 


Open Exploration

Living the Question

Throughout this series, we’ll pull from different modalities, some will be present in each session – such as our Expressive Writing practice – others will vary week to week and tailored to the needs of the group.

What our practices have in common, is that they are that – a practice. To find a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, to lean in to your own inner wisdom (I don’t have all the answers, nor do I pretend to. We’ll explore your needs in each moment, together!) and invite all parts of you to participate and play.

All of you is welcome. here.

Envision yourself - whole and complete

We meet for 8 consecutive Thursday evenings, starting June 24th through August 12th, for 120 minutes. Scroll down to the FAQ to read the reasoning behind the length of our sessions.

There is space for 7 participants total. We have mats and lots of props available to get extra comfy! You also receive a collection of goodies to deepen your experience and continue your practice at home!

Some of What We'll Explore

Shake The Dust

Shake The Dust is a transformative and embodied practice of the BodyHeartMind. We don’t get ‘out of our heads’, we fully awaken to all that is present in this very moment. All of ourselves, right
here, as we are.⁠

Every practice has a unique theme and
mindfully curated playlist – or soundscape – which guides you on a path of shaking, jumping, intuitive movement (which can include yoga, to find familiarity), perpetual (repetitive) movement, pilates, somatics,
bodyweight training, rest, release and free movement.⁠

You can adjust Shake The Dust classes to your own energy and needs at any time, though I’ll definitely invite you to explore the space outside of your comfort zone (where growth occurs). ⁠

Shake The Dust is not a fitness or HIIT workout, but it sure can get you fit. It’s not therapy, but it can definitely be therapeutic. You’ll sweat, you‘ll feel, and you may experience a cathartic release. It can help (re)connect you to your own strong,
beautiful and resilient body.⁠

We’ll mainly explore a more grounded, restorative version called Rest in Movement, but I will introduce you to more upbeat Opening to Grace as well!

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing can be seen as a
revolutionary act. You can do it anywhere, it’s free, it takes less time than watching an episode of your favourite Netflix series, and is scientifically proven, by Dr. Pennebaker, to improve how you process issues (such as an unexpected global pandemic?!) that compromise your quality of life.

Pennebaker states that: “One of the brain’s functions is to help us understand events in our lives. Writing helps construct a narrative to contextualize trauma and organize ideas. Until we do this, the brain replays the same non-constructive thought patterns over and over and we become stuck.

Writing about grief and trauma helps achieve closure which tells the brain its work is done. This closure frees us to move forward.”

We will take 15 minutes each session to write. You don’t need to show or share what you’ve written, though there is space to express what feelings or insights have come up for you.

You are invited to continue this practice at home, especially during the first week of starting your Expressive Writing practice.


Yin & Restorative Yoga

Yin and Restorative Yoga will be used as a way to soften and create more space in Body and Mind.

In Yin Yoga, we work with longer held postures which target your connective tissue. At times we say that we carry our ‘issues in our tissues’, and you may notice how this practice not only invites you to release physical restrictions and tension, but works in a similar way on an emotional level. By bringing full awareness and breath into these shapes, and marinating in them for several minutes, you have the space to get curious about what is present for you. Not because it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, not because anything needs to be changed, simply to become aware of what is. What are you working with, today? How do you feel, in this very moment?

While our Yin practice can be a bit more of a meditative, mindful and emotional practice in which we seek and play our edges, our Restorative practice is about Deep Surrender and Softening. Which sounds (and is!) yummy, yet can be even more challenging for some.

Can you trust the Earth to hold you? Are you aware of where you are holding tension in your body, where you are gripping or still trying to make a shape look a certain way? Can you make yourself feel even more supported and comfortable, can you embody that you deserve to?

We’ll find some answers, on the mat!

Yoga Nidra +
Guided Visualization

While the practice of Yoga Nidra is often coined as a practice of Yogic Sleep, or a nap of sorts, it offers so much more than a moment of shut-eye and rest.

This practice holds the potential to provide you with a lot of clarity, a connection to your inner knowing – the inner rhythm or pulse that is present, deep inside of you -, and purpose, an awakening to your True Nature. Some even call it a Secret Portal to Power.

Which makes sense. For when you wake up from your practice, you are changed.

You are connected to your own true nature, or the peace of Samadhi (deep meditation/absorption).

The technique of Yoga Nidra offers a journey through the states of consciousness while remaining awake and aware. All you’ll need to do is find a comfortable place to rest, and to follow the sound of my voice as I guide you through the practice.

Options will be provided to help you feel as supported and safe as possible during this, and any other, practice we explore.


When was the last time you lovingly touched your own feet? It sounds like a simple question, but most people I ask will share that they barely/never really pay specific attention to their feet.

Which is why we often start our practice doing just that – massaging our feet! Either with our hands (and oils!), or with the use of (tennis) balls or wooden dowels. You’ll be amazed how much more steady and grounded you feel, after giving your feet some loving attention!

But we won’t leave it at that!

Self-massage (or myofascial release) will be part of our sessions frequently, whether it be as part of our Rest in Movement (a form of Shake The Dust) class, our Yin yoga practice, or a specific self-massage sequence which combines juicy untangling for the entire body.

Get ready to make love to the wall, the mat, and all (forgotten) parts of yourself!

Tools are included for our time in the studio and to take home and keep for your home practice.

Circle Connection

The past year and a bit has taken a toll on all of us. Less social interactions, especially in person. Less chances to come together, be spontaneous, feel the magic that happens when women gather and share their hearts… So while I am super excited for all the beautiful sessions I get to craft for you, I might be the most stoked to see all of your faces and gather as a group, in-person, once more.

This is where Coregulation happens, which lies at the heart of all human relationships. According to Polyvagal theory, it is the reciprocal sending and receiving of signals of safety.

It is not just the absence of danger, but connection between two (or more) nervous systems; each nourishing and regulating the other in the process.

We need one another. We are social beings. And while you may think you have to – or can – carry it (life, a burden, worries, or great joy!) alone, that’s simply not the case.

Our circle shares are a space to connect and open up about what is present. whether that be a heartbreak, uncertainty about what’s to come, or a big celebration.

Our about

About the way I teach

If you are new to me as a teacher, it is important to know that I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We are all unique, and different – from moment to moment. What might feel good and accessible to you on one day, may not feel that way on another day.

I don’t presume to know what is best for you, and am less concerned with how a shape looks, more so with how it feels for you and what is makes available for you. More space, I hope. To breathe, to be, to become.

You have full agency over your practice.

Your showing up is enough, it’s already a lot! You, carving out the time for yourself. To commit, to a moment – just for you!

If something feels like a clear no, feel free to skip it. Ask me for other options, or – even better – allow your body to take you where you need to be. As long as it doesn’t impact others in their practice (no handstands during Savanasa, haha!), claim all the space you need. Leave the room when you need to, whether it is for a pee or water break, or to take a moment to come back to yourself when that doesn’t feel available inside our shared space.

This may be the biggest lesson for you to learn throughout this program: what it is like to say no, to follow your intuition, set clear boundaries – so that you may do so OFF the mat as well.

Your Guide

About Saar

Hi there, my name is Saar – and this is me, jumping for joy about your being here! (Actually, it’s me feeling super movement stoned after my first Shake The Dust Teacher Training weekend, earlier this year!).

I am the founder of Find a Home Within, which was born through my own journey of navigating depression and anxiety, an eating disorder and on-going body image issues, burnout, and finding my way back to the essence of all that I am along the way.

This journey started in my early teens, and brought me to multiple continents around the world to seek – and find – answers and tools to support self-healing, as well as a passion and calling to share these tools to help awaken this process in others.

Embodiment and Mindfulness have played a big role in my recovery, and continue to be vital parts in navigating the busyness that comes with living in Western Society.

I am trained as a Yin Fascial and Restorative Yoga Teacher, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Reiki, Accces Bars and AromaTouch Technique Practitioner. My global studies inform and shape my offers and teachings, as does being a keen student of life. I am currently completing my Shake the Dust teacher training, and following additional courses to learn more about Somatic Movement and Biomechanics.

To me, Yoga is about Oneness and Connection. Yet, so often we rush in and out the door when showing up for our practice. In my classes I invite you to slow down and connect with your fellow practitioners, as we gather in Community. Here to honour and reflect each other’s light (and darkness!).

It’s like Ram Dass so beautifully said: “We are all just walking each other home”.



Wake-Up Yoga
Piet Heinstraat 98, 2518 CL, Den Haag

Please bring

Curiosity. Comfortable clothes to move in (layers are helpful – warm socks and a hoodie are golden). 2 clean pillow cases and a large beach towel/sheet, to drape over props.

We Meet

Thursday 20:00-22:00 (120 minutes)

June 24th – August 12th

Good to know

The door opens 10 minutes before class starts. Please arrive early to get settled into the space and honour everyone’s time.

Your Contribution

Includes 8 weekly sessions, online community space,

a collection of goodies to support your exploration in the studio and at home + optional homework.

Pay in Full: €197

Thank you for purchasing in full! This helps others who need more financial spacing participate as well - we appreciate you!

Payment Plan: 2 x €108

Spread your payment into two instalments - your second payment will be due July 24th.

Add-on x 1: € 265

Participate in the full series + book one AromaTouch Technique or Access Bars session for further integration. Session to be used by August 15th.

Add-on x 2: € 333

Participate in the full series + book two AromaTouch Technique / Access Bars sessions for further integration. Sessions to be used by August 15th.

Deepen your experience

Add an Access Bars or AromaTouch Technique session - or both!

Learn more about these modalities here.

If we had any ground rules... They'd be

1. Not to take ourselves too serious.
Invite your Inner child to the mat. Rediscover how good and free you can feel in your body, even when your adult brain seeks to judge about how something may look or sound. We will be silly. We will giggle. We will swap judgement for curiousity, and witness what arises from that space.
How (good) does it feel?
2. Don't get stuck where it feels good. Explore your edges, allow yourself to spill out of your comfort zone here and there. Growth doesn't happen when we are comfortable. This doesn't mean you need to put yourself in a place that isn't safe for you or is painful, more so to explore when and where you can give a little more - or when your ego (always) tells you to push, but your body is telling you it's time to slow down... and so, you finally listen.
The more we rely on what is familiar, the less we will grow.
1 %
Bolster Hugging
1 %
Shaking & Tapping
1 %
1 %
Deep Breaths


Some answers to your questions!

Yes! We have our own online community space to share experiences, ask questions, make requests for future sessions, and ask for support or to be witnessed in what is arising for you between sessions.

I know it does. But it will fly by in the blink of an eye.

The more I teach, the more I see the need for integration. For space to digest, to share about what is present, or take some time to journal about it.

I have thought about making these sessions 90 minutes in duration, but I know I would be doing all of us a disservice.

With the work I intend to share with you, we’d likely not have enough time for you to truly reap the benefits of the exercises and practices we’ll explore.

As an example: an Opening to Grace practice is most beneficial when it takes around 75 minutes, to shorten this to less time will change the impact this practice may have on you. Add 15 minute of Expressive Writing to this, and we’ve already maxed out our time together. When we add some cushioning to this, so we can check-in on how everyone’s doing at the start of practice, and enjoy a guided visualization or some soothing breathwork at the end of practice, you’ll be able to feel complete, nourished, and have had time to connect with those around you, as well as the magic being inside of you.

The last thing I’d want is for you to feel a sense of rush, like there’s too much stuffed into each session, or that we’d consistently run overtime – which would mean not honouring our time and commitment to one another.

So while we may not always fill 2 hours, I will always make sure we will be complete within those two hours. That you’ve had time to Bring and Be with All of You, and can step off the mat feeling ready for a good night’s rest.

While I’d love for everyone to be present for each session, I also understand that you may have scheduling conflicts or that something may come up unexpectedly.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you can’t attend a session. I will do my best to provide you with an overview of what we did in class, and what parts of that you may wish to explore by yourself at home. If any homework was provided, you can find this in our online community space.

This offering will run with a minimum of 4 participants and has space for 7 participants total, to allow for personal attention and plenty of space to move – keeping the 1.5 meter and a half distance in consideration.

Because of the small group size, all sales are final and refunds won’t be available.

There is space on the sign-up form to share more about your needs, expectations, intentions, and anything I might need to take into consideration to make your participation as enjoyable and supportive as possible.

Of course you can also reach out to me first, if you are not quite sure if this is the right offering for you at this time.

I am not a therapist, and will not be able to support you in that way.

There have been previous participants who’ve joined a similar program, whilst working with their mental health care provider simultaneously.

If you’ve been having a hard time, I suggest you seek out professional mental health care first.

In case you fear there may be things that come to the surface that are too big or heavy to process or carry on your own, or when you notice this starts to show up during a session, please seek the help of a mental health professional. I can provide you with some helpful resources for support.

Yes. Please be aware of the following:

Stay at home if you’re not feeling well (feverish, running nose, cough, etc.) or have been around someone who isn’t feeling well.

Change your clothes at home, before and after class, when possible.

We ask you to wash your hands with soap and use the paper towels to dry your hands upon entering the studio.

The toilet can be used if needed, and will be cleaned after each class.

Please bring your own water bottle, we won’t be able to serve tea or water at this time.

Respect your fellow yogi’s by keeping 1.5 meters distance at all times, and make yourself as comfortable as you can be on your own mat:

  • Please bring your own yoga mat, if you have one. If you’re not able to bring a mat, please bring a large beach towel or blanket to cover one of our mats with. I will clean the mats after the class.
  • Bring 1-2 cleanly washed pillow cases (to cover a bolster and meditation cushion with) and a blanket or large beach towel to use during class.
  • If there are other props you feel to be beneficial for your practice, such as your own eye pillow, blocks or straps/belt – bring these along as well.
  • Your body temperature may drop during these yoga classes, as you enter into a relaxation state. You can bring a pair of warm socks and a sweater/hoody to cozy up in during Yoga Nidra/Final relaxation.

Reach out to me if you’d like to participate and are currently facing financial hardship. I trust we can find a way to space out your payments more, if need be. I thank all who are able to pay in full, so we can make this series happen and support everyone who is called to join this container at this time.

Shoot me a message and I’d be happy to (find you an) answer!

8 week Summer Retreat

Let your body lead as you (literally!) shake off the cobwebs and remember the fullness of who you are, have always been, and are so welcome to be.

You. Fully expressed. All of you, Here.