According to government/RIVM regulations, massage/touch treatments are currently allowed, thank goodness!

Please keep the following in mind to keep both of us safe + well during these times:

As with any 1:1 offering, AromaTouch Technique® and Access Bars® sessions are by appointment only and we’ll do a wellness check (some simple questions) prior to your session to make sure we’re well + good.

Other things I’ll do to support well-being:

  • Face masks are required to be worn in the corridors and can be removed inside of the Healing Room.
  • If I don’t feel well, we’ll reschedule the session.
  • After each session, I will – as usual – change all sheets, ventilate and disinfect the space. There willl be extra time between sessions to support this.
  • Outside of the treatment space, we’ll keep 1.5 meter distance.
  • There willl be no hand-shaking and I won’t be putting your coat or other belongings away for you.
  • If I am in doubt of your health, I am allowed to deny a session and we will re-schedule for a later date.
  • When other people are present in the space, we will make use of specific walking paths to ensure we can safely keep our distance.

Please keep in mind:

  • If you’re experiencing symptoms that could link to Covid-19, don’t book a session or cancel/reschedule your existing appointment.
  • If you’ve been in touch with someone who’s tested positive for the virus within the past 14 days, don’t book in a session or reschedule your appointment.
  • Please arrive in time for your session, 5 minutes early is perfect to get you settled and comfortable. You’ll have time to find your bearings after the session, while I clean the space, and we’ll make sure you’re safely out the door before the next customer arrives.
  • Sessions are paid upfront, via Tikkie/Mollie/Bankwire, so we won’t have to worry about handling cash 🙂

Thank you for your collaboration!